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True North Woodworking

Removable Hardtop Shuffleboard Cover

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Our matching hardtop covers allow you to use your table in other ways as well.  Bar top table? No problem.  Stand in as a buffet table for those big events?  You betcha! Covers are 3/4" thick giving it maximum utility, but still light enough to move around.  Available in 2 or 3 pieces for easy storage.  Covers are made from full length boards, keeping the grain consistent from one end to the other.


Only the real deal here. 100% wood construction. Playing surfaces are made of the hardest of the hardwoods: a blend of Maple, Oak, and Hickory giving it both extreme rigidity and a light salt and pepper color variation pattern.

Shipping & Returns

Local & Long Distance Delivery is available, as well as Pickup at our Spring Park studio. Additional delivery info is available on our FAQ page.

Pickup: Two adults can move our tables fairly easily. Enclosed trailers are recommended, but can also be transported in pickup trucks and other vehicles with the legs removed.

Quality is at the forefront of what we do, and our reputation powers our small business.  We guarantee our work, and if for any reason you change your mind we will refund 100% of the product price within 30 days.  


Tables measure 36" high, 27' wide, and either 9', 11', or 13' long. Legs and playing surface are detachable for moving. Rough weight is 250 lbs, and our tables can be moved fairly easily by 2 adults.

Care Instructions

Our tables are finished with care and include an additional protective furniture grade clear coat. No additional care to the exterior surfaces are needed other than periodic wiping or furniture polish. Leaving wet/cold drinks on the surfaces is not recommended without coasters. The playing surface is sealed for life, and waxed prior to delivery. Aside from periodic re-application of shuffleboard sand, the surface does not need maintenance. Wax/spray can be used to add additional slickness, but it is not required. There are many different speeds of sand available that can change the speed and difficulty of the game. We include medium/fast sand.